Makarios Group

Taking your recreational experience to the next level



Think of it...a crisp early morning, a gentle mist leaving moist droplets on the ground.  You've waited all year for this.

Your family is still sleeping in the RV.  Your old dog is stretching and yawning by your feet.  The smell of burnt firewood gives the morning that distinct aroma of relaxation.  You wish you could stop time exactly at this moment.

We get that.  We're campers and boaters.  We love road trips.  We love getting up at dawn to smell the fresh air, that first pot of coffee and those first awakening breaths of a new day.

Makarios Group is your perfect partner when it comes to taking care of the vehicles and equipment that help you make memorable moments.

We could say we're dedicated to quality, service and pricing, but when it gets down to it, we're dedicated to the same things you are:  loving life one moment at a time.

Welcome to Makarios, where every day is blessed.


Makarios - What does it mean?

The word "Makarios" is Greek for supremely blessed. 

Did you know?

Consumers spend nearly $1.5 billion in camping equipment in the U.S?

Over 320 million RVs were shipped in the U.S. from 2000 to 2015?

There were nearly 12 million registered recreational boating vessels in the U.S. in 2013?

Over 88 million of us participated in recreational boating in that same year?

Nearly 8 million automobiles were sold in the U.S. in 2014?

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